Cookie Policy

The website IRISbox uses cookies to improve its function and to gather statistics in connection with its use (number of visitors, pages viewed, etc.)

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of text, possibly including numbers, which a website stores on the PC or device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) you use to visit that website. Cookies are designed to speed up and customise the use of a website as you visit and re-visit that site.

For this purpose, cookies exchange information between your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and the server on which the website is running, for example information about your preference as to how the website is displayed (language, font size, etc.), your navigation history, your choices from the options provided by the website or registration information

Which cookies do we use on IRISbox?

Functional cookies:
these cookies are specifically for IRISbox, the content management platform that acts as the «engine» of the website.

The IRISbox cookies ensure better management of some of the website’s functionalities. These cookies are anonymous (none of the information gathered can be linked to your identity). In addition, IRISbox cookies disappear as soon as you close your browser. They are therefore deleted from your PC or device as soon as you close the browser.

How are cookies monitored?

You have the option of monitoring and/or deleting cookies as you see fit through your browser settings. For example, you can delete all the cookies stored on your PC, and can also set most browsers to block cookies. In that case, you may have to re-enter certain preferences each time you visit the same website, and it is possible that certain services and functionalities will not work.
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